Sunday, October 03, 2004

Republican Propaganda

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Check it Out!

Life on the Left, as we know it has closed up and has merged with The Daily Blurb.
The same Bush bashing commentary, half the fat!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tell FOX To Broadcast the Debates

While NBC, ABC and CBS have promised to show the upcoming debates, FOX may put major league baseball first. Go to to sign a petition to get FOX to air the debates!

How Rumsfeld Plans to Win in Iraq

"At some point the Iraqis will get tired of getting killed"
-Donald Rumsfeld (this quote was originally posted on

The Big, Bad Elephant

As reported on, a large group of conservative protesters will march on the offices of CBS today, demanding that Dan Rather be fired for airing false documents on Bush's guard service. While it was un profesional of Rather to use such documents, we must remember that this is a man who has carried a spotless record as a journalist for several decades. At least Rather apologized and admitted the papers where fabricated! Isn't that enough, or must the GOP rape him of his job for rocking the election year boat and pestering the big, bad elephant. If those protesters really cared about justice, why don't they march to the White House and ask why the president started a war for some weapons that don't even exist!

Iraq: Quagmire Accomplished

Today, George Bush spoke before the UN general assembly, and as expected, he defended his decision to go to war in Iraq. Is is just me, or is that little act getting old? We know there are no weapons of mass destruction inside Iraq and, although we may have ousted a brutal dictator, there seems to be more death and chaos in the nation which is on the brink of civil war. Not mention the one thousand of our own men and women in uniform who have been killed, the many more who have been injured and who can forget the several thousand Iraqi children who have also given there lives within the past two years. What did those people ever do to you President Bush? Oh, well, it's a "war on terror" isn't it! Well good job weakening our forces in Afghanistan, where there actually where terrorists so we could remove ONE MAN from power and destroy a cache of WMD's that seem to be as real as Wonka's Umpa-Loompa's! Give up the act George, we're not idiots!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Karl Rove and His Cheap Shots

Today, Karl Rove, Dubya's chief political advisor and the top name on Satan's Friendster list said this about Sen. John Kerry:
"The guy seems to have this belief that every time he speaks it's a blank sheet, and he doesn't have to worry about contradictory things he's said in recent days, weeks and months."
If you want to talk about contradiction, how about the fact that Bush said he was working to cut Medicare costs even though he raised premiums one day later. How about the fact that Bush was against the creation of a Homeland Security Dept. and will cut funding for the department in 2006 (according to leaked budget documents) but is now saying John Kerry is weak on defense. Now THAT'S contradiction!

Word Watching

Since the Kerry campaign has put the spotlight on the president's failures in Iraq, Bush has responded by saying that Kerry voted for war and is "flip-flopping." However, John Kerry didn't vote for this war, he voted for the Bush administration to pursue action in the Middle-East. Just read what the president said after going before the senate to lobby support for action in Iraq:
"It's a chance for congress to say, we support the administration's ability to keep the peace. That's what this is all about."
So just shut up already, RNC!!!

Why Bush Will Makes bin Laden's Job Easier

Last night, Dennis Hastert said that Al Queda wants John Kerry to win the November election, and, even though I don't want to dignify such an idiotic statement, I must ask, why would Osama bin Laden like a man who wants to actually catch him? President Bush has actually weakened American forces in Afghanistan to fight the war in Iraq and even plans to cut Homeland Security funding by several billion dollars in 2006. The president even flew bin Laden's family and friends out of the US in the day's after 9/11. If you ask me, it sound like George Bush will actually be making terrorist's jobs easier!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bush Cares for His Swing State Voters

About two or three years, a tornado hit the small, south Texas town of Hondo. Homes where destroyed, businesses ravaged, and millions of dollars in damage had been done. Yet, Bush never ran to the aid of the townsfolk who had been devastated by the wrath of mother nature. Primarily because, it wasn't an election year and it wasn't a swing state. Today, President Bush is in Florida, having rushed to the aid of voters, attempting to secure his second-term. It seems like all this president cares about is oil, money and a second term.

Cheney's Scare Tactics

We've all seen how Dick Cheney wants us to be a afraid of a Kerry win in November for his supposed weakness when it comes to combating terrorism. But what makes Bush so special when it comes to the war on terror? While American troops where fighting Al Queda and Taliban forces head on, the president tells them to give up on the real threat and go to Iraq. He even plans to cut Homeland Security funding by several billion dollars in 2006, according to leaked White House documents. Trust me, I'm much more afraid of a Bush victory this election year!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

America Getting Lonely in Iraq

America is certainly getting lonely in Iraq as Bush certainly seems to be going alone.
>Read the story here

GOP: If Elected, Kerry Will Ban Bible

For the love of God, GOP, keep Jesus of this election!!! The Republican National Committee sent Bush-supporters in West Virginia letters that, if elected, John Kerry will ban the Bible! In response to this outrageous claim, John Edwards told the press:
“Republicans always say they want to have a values debate, but lying and spreading hate were not the values I learned growing up in a small town in North Carolina where the Bible was the most important book in my home. George Bush and Dick Cheney should be appalled by these despicable mailings. They should condemn this practice immediately and tell everyone associated with their campaign to never use tactics like this again. The American people deserve better.”
It just goes to show you, the republicans will stop at NOTHING to gets votes!

Lies...All Lies

"I don't believe anyone that I know in the administration ever said that Iraq had nuclear weapons."
- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, May 14, 2003

"We believe he [Saddam Hussein] has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons."
- Vice President Dick Cheney, March 16, 2003 on NBC's Meet the Press

Friday, September 17, 2004

Word Watching

"We need an energy bill that encourages consumption."
>President George W. Bush in a speech in Trenton, New Jersey

Wow!!! Someone has been bought off by the energy corporations, but of course we knew that! He got campaign funding from Enron in 2000.

Political Blurbs

>A mother whose son was killed in Iraq was handcuffed and removed from a Bush rally in New Jersey earlier today. As she shouted questions at Laura Bush, who was speaking in support of he husband, the mother was drowned out by chants of "Four more years!" Eventually, she was handcuffed and removed leaving the first lady to praise the achievements of the president.
>The top UN weapons inspector released a report today, confirming that there were, in fact, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
>Compiled from reports by Reuters and CNN

Ohio Has NOT Turned the Corner

When campaigning in Ohio, he told supporters that the Ohio economy was growing and "had turned the corner"! Wow! Another lie from the Bush administration! In August alone, Ohio lost 11,800 jobs! What a great job the president is doing with the economy.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

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